12 July 2012

Stop Moral Policing !

Just read on facebook that actress Gehna Vashisht was beaten up for wearing a bikini with the Indian flag. And the post said:
This was a sheer insult to our National flag, hence the people couldn't accept this,Good Job Done Guys...these people deserve this kind of treatment.A Soldier is dying for the safety of National flag and these bollywood morons insulting the nation flag.fair treatement given by some unknown social activists, after she evoked anger amongst the masses over her controversial bikini photo shoot.
I don't understand where does this moral police come from, into every scene. Who are these guys? Perhaps the products of Institute of Self-righteousness..
Anyway, in my opinion the act of beating her up was totally senseless ! Who gives one the right to decide what someone should do and what not. She is also an Indian. The flag also belongs to her. She has complete right to wear it as she pleases(but within the law).

And please ! we all know how much hypocrisy lies inside the moral police. They don't give a damn about the flag when they take or give bribes, or throw trash on roads and many countless things that shouldn't be done. Why shouldn't they be beaten up for that ??????


Anonymous said...

totally agree...i dont understand what is wrong with these ppl seriously...how can you ever justify beating up somebody... you don like it...fine go file a case against her...take out a rally...do wotever...who d fuck gives you d right to beat her up...there are hundreds of things which i don agree with or they hurt my sentiments...doesnt mean ill start beating up anyone who doesnt respect the things i do....disgustin behaviour...

Rahul said...

Let she dance in any manner, who bothers? but why with a National Flag. For the sake of Publicity and money these filmy people will do nay thing.